Hippo Prize Draw

We are excited to announce we are giving away £££ prizes* to people participating in the Hidden Hippo Trail. To enter to win, people need to take a selfie** of themselves by their favourite Hidden Hippo and then submit them through the form below.

In March 2022, we will choose our favourite pictures and announce the winners through their contact details provided. Have fun!

*Funded by ERDF

**These pictures will not be for public display without personal permission given

Meet me at the Hippo ... but which one?

Come along on a mysterious journey of discovering all the Hidden Hippo's in Walsall using your eyes, our map and camera. You'll find not just only a growing collection of Hidden Hippos, but you'll discover information about their locations and the artists behind these amazing gems.

Step 1

Find a hippo

Use the Hidden Hippo Map to find the approximate location of a piece of Hippo art in Walsall. Track down the hippo in your chosen location.

Step 2

Scan the Hippo

Scan the scene or a nearby QR code marker with your phone camera to find clues and information about the location of the hippo, the artists, and their creative process and thinking.

Step 3

Find more hippos

Each hippo is a unique creation in a location of cultural or historical significance for the town. Why not explore further and see how many you can find?

Rediscover Walsall like never before

The Hippo in Walsall has historically been a meeting point for people to gather and then go to somewhere else. The Hidden Hippo Trail is a twist on this behaviour and enables the public to have a new way to interact with their town.

The Trail combines the heritage of locations; artistic expression; and uses WebAR (Web Enabled Augmented Reality) technology to help people create a new relationship with the town, using the browsers on their smartphones, and without needing a dedicated app to be installed. WebAR offers the widest reach possible of all AR platforms.

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For your safety

Please remember to be aware of your surroundings while using the Hidden Hippo Map and Augmented Reality.