The Guildhall

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The artist

Beth Ford

Beth Ford is a 21-year-old local artist, specialising in a multitude of media including coloured pencil, oil paints, digital illustration, biro and mural paintings. Beth has had a love of art from an early age and is now living her dream as a full-time commission artist.

The location

Walsall's Guildhall, which formerly held the law courts, police station, and cells. This is easily one of Walsall's most historic sites, as two previous guildhalls stood here before the present building. The first was the timber framed Medieval Guild of St John the Baptist. This building controlled local government and trade in Walsall. The guild itself was suppressed by Henry VIII in 1546, and a local corporation took over it's functions. Nevertheless the building itself survived into the eighteenth century, when it was extensively rebuilt.