Saddlers Centre

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The artist

Maxine Houslin

Maxine Houslin is a Walsallion through and through and also a single mother to 3 daughters. She has been involved with several charitable organisations in the Walsall and Birmingham area in various forms and functions throughout her professional life. Some of the things she enjoys doing and being involved with include creating safe environments for others, working with and offering support to people underrepresented in the community, as well as being quite the creative offering arts and craft sessions.

The location

The Saddlers Centre is the main shopping centre in Walsall and takes its name from the town's saddle manufacturing heritage and is also known as the nickname for the towns football team Walsall FC. The centre is spread over two floors with access to the top floor from Park Street, the town’s main shopping area, while the lower floor is accessible from Bridge Street, next to Bradford Place Bus Station. The top floor of the complex is home to Walsall railway station one of the main welcoming points into the town. Also attached to the centre is a three-storey car park. It opened in April 1980 and was refurbished in 1989/90.

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