Urban Hax

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The artist

Harminder Singh

Harminder says that he's always been a creative individual, quite talented in art from childhood. He studied product design which is where his artistic skills are utilised in a technical sense, and it allows him to explore art styles outside of the field of fine art. His forte is hyper realistic sketching, meticulously exploring the details of subjects and objects in which he tries to reveal the wonder that exists. He also works with paint and watercolours which allow him to explore the realism a bit further, and as well as traditional, anime and surrealism are other forms that he works with.

The location

Urban Hax is a non-profit makerspace and creative incubator established in 2014, based in Walsall but servicing the Black Country. Its mission is to build a community of makers, artisans, innovators and creatives from a wide variety of disciplines who can come together to share their knowledge, skills and crafts with other members of the community. Its goals are to stimulate creativity and enterprise, build upon the knowledge of others, establish a creative space where people can come together to nurture the basic human desire to design & make and give access to tools and equipment that aren’t readily available or affordable. Through talks, classes, workshops, collaborative projects, and other activities, it wants to encourage enterprise, research, knowledge exchange, learning, and mentoring in a safe, clean space.

As of 2021 Urban Hax now has two makerspace facilities in and near to the town centre and its ambition is to set up a makerspace network across the borough.

Find out more at urbanhax.com