Victorian Arcade

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The artist

Ashleigh Fraser

My name is Ashleigh Fraser. I am currently studying a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design. I have a background in Graphic Design also.  Above all else, my education has fine-tuned my aesthetical capabilities- I am very good at making things look visually appealing. I would mainly say I specialise in illustration, where my art can be used commercially, but I am very interested in the many different ways to get my ideas across.

I think the most important thing for me to do right now is to speak my mind and in art this has led me to focus in on topics such as mental health, feminism, ACAB etc. I revel in anything that has a strong, atypical aesthetic appearance. I am working towards my dream career which is to set up my own shop where I sell my art works and create branding for myself as a multitalented artist.

I really appreciate the grandeur of the Victorian Arcade’s architecture with its beautiful arch roof and stained-glass windows. As well as the shops inside which are, for the most part, independently owned. Seeing as though these were the keystone of the Victorian arcade, I honed in on these for my design inspiration.

Instagram: @pierrdot

The location

Victorian Arcade Walsall is designated at Grade II.

The spaces formed by Victorian Arcade have considerable architectural power and the building retains the full extent of its T-shaped arcade plan and many of its original shop-fronts (some with their original glazing). It also preserves the impressive frontage to Bradford Street with its first-floor, balcony arcade of shops and office chambers with their timber oriels. It forms an impressive urban building at the heart of Walsall.