Walsall Leather Museum

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The artist


With an infatuation of all things ghastly, Gnarmite’s art oozes at the seams with obsessive stippled detail. Nightmarish scenes baring twisted and distorted characters are not uncommon in their work. Often taking inspiration from the likes of Ralph Steadman, Nick Blinko and Beksinski, Gnarmite brazenly tackles themes of mental health within their art and certainly in their own shameless and surreal way. Offering you a one-way ticket to the abstract realm, will you take the ride?

The location

Walsall Leather Museum was opened in 1988 in a Victorian factory building renovated by Walsall Council. It tells the story of the leather trade in Walsall, charting the town's rise from a small market town into an international saddle-making centre. Exhibits in the museum include a range of Walsall-made leather goods, from saddles to gloves, bags, shoes, and leather fashion accessories. A 'contemporary design' section in the museum showcases the work of designers working with leather today. Leather crafts traditional to Walsall are demonstrated within the museum's workshops by a team of experienced skilled craftsmen and women. The museum also houses a research library of specialist works on the subject of the leather craft and industry. There is a seasonal events programme featuring craft workshops for children and adults as well as family events.

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